Are you planning a live event in a venue? There’s no reason not to use event registration software to set up a secure and straightforward way to allow attendees to register and pay. Event registration software adds various useful features to an event website, allowing you to accept payments, give your event a good web presence, and track attendee activity. 

These platforms make it easy to market your event, save time when conducting event planning, and collect valuable data about your attendees. Here are the other pros of an event registration software for your venue hire in Brisbane:


After a successful venue hire, knowing your attendees is the key to satisfied customers and repeat buyers. Event registration software makes it easy to gather helpful information about your attendees and collect the necessary information from attendees to run your event smoothly. 

Event registration questions on a checkout page allow you to discover your attendees’ food preferences, so you can serve them the perfect lunch at your conference when they arrive. It also lets you keep track of which attendees are loyal ticket buyers, so you can know who to send a special offer to when they buy more than one ticket to your next event.

Boosted Backend Organisation

Event registration software helps you plan and organise your event more efficiently. This allows you to manage your information and ask attendees essential questions about your event. Some of these questions will be simple, such as how many people will be attending your event. 

Collecting this information before the event date is essential. If you know how many people will be attending your event, you can plan how much food and drink to prepare at a venue. Also, if your event’s fire code is being threatened, you will know to make changes before it is too late. Good event registration software will collect this information automatically and save time in the long run.

Data-Driven Decisions

Use event data to improve future events. Reviewing registration numbers and attendance can help you identify what worked and didn’t during your venue hire. For example, your Saturday afternoon event sold out almost immediately, while your Friday morning event registration numbers were lacklustre. 

This suggests you could use a larger venue for your Saturday events in the future. Also, ensure you’re not overwhelming your event attendees with email blasts; a targeted approach can be much more effective.

Optimised Observation

The most significant benefit of event management software is it gives users data about an event to observe all angles. This technology features data reporting features that allow you to instantly retrieve information about your event and its attendees. This event reporting data includes everything from attendance numbers to ticket sales to discount codes. 

You’ll use this detailed information to audit the success of your venue hire during your post-mortem and report back to sponsors and community partners who came on board. The best part: event reporting is done automatically, so there’s no work for you. Just click to view reports, or have them sent automatically via email, and save the time you would have spent on reporting.

Maximise Event Management Software for Your Venue Hire in Brisbane Today

The data gathered from these backend reports enables venue hires to streamline their services to cater to customers better. You’ll find out what works best, when they apply, and what provisions they can do without on various occasions. Start using this software today and see your calendar fill up with bookings like never before! 

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