About Unidus


UNIDUS COMMUNITY & CONFERENCE CENTRE was established as a place for people to unite as a community, where love and acceptance are freely expressed and a helping hand is extended to those in need.

Our aim is to create a centre that will be:

  • A hub of activities every day of the week in the local area,
  • A place where:
    • children play safely,
    • youths can expend their energy in wholesome activities,
    • students can learn new skills, and
    • adults discover their potential.
  • A venue where families can gather and the elderly find new interests.
  • A venue that the community can hold events, parties, seminars, conferences and concerts.
  • An avenue for business people to network, grow their business and also give back to the community.
  • A training centre for equipping volunteers for missions, ministry work and community programs.

Unidus Community & Conference Centre has been established upon basic Christian principles believing that every person has a tremendous potential to live a joyful and meaningful life with God and with one another. Believing that God’s heart is for people, we desire to maintain a nurturing environment that different people from different walks of life are able to come and help one another to develop as an individual and as a community.

Do take the time to read through this website and get connected with us. Should you be interested in any aspect of Unidus, please visit or contact us.

We would love to hear from you. We hope you will enjoy your time here in Unidus and find a place of belonging.