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Live Music/Concert & Modern Performance Venue in Brisbane

Unidus Community & Conference Centre, nestled just 20 kilometres from the heart of Brisbane City, stands as the epitome of modernity and versatility. As the premier destination for hosting live music, concerts, and performances, Unidus offers an expansive canvas to bring your creative vision to life and captivate your audience. 

Modern Auditorium: A Haven for Artistic Expression

Unidus boasts one of Brisbane’s largest auditoriums on the southside, setting the stage for a spectacular showcase of artistic brilliance. With standard seating for over 600 guests and the ability to expand to accommodate up to 900, our auditorium provides a comfortable yet vibrant atmosphere. Outfitted with professional sound, lighting, and video equipment, it offers an unrivalled setting for live music performances, orchestras, bands, and local artists. If you’re looking for a large concert venue, Unidus should be on your list of venues to check out.

A Symphony of Events: From Orchestras to Local Artists

Unidus has hosted a number of events where guests have witnessed the magic of symphonies, with orchestras resonating through the auditorium, creating an immersive experience for all. We’ve seen international and local live bands have taken the stage, filling the space with electric energy, and artists have left an indelible mark with their unique performances. The versatility of our auditorium ensures that it’s not just a venue; but a place for artistic expression, providing the lively acoustics for musical brilliance and enjoyment.

Schools and Creativity: A Grand Stage for Awards and Performances

Schools seeking a grand stage for awards nights, musicals, and dramatic performances find an ideal space at Unidus. Our auditorium has become a cultural hub for schools, providing a platform for students to showcase their talents and creativity. From talent shows to dance performances, Unidus is the go-to venue for educational institutions looking to create unforgettable moments for students and their families.

Dance Extravaganzas and Dramatic Productions: A Versatile Venue

Unidus isn’t just a concert venue; it’s a versatile space that accommodates dance extravaganzas and dramatic productions. The stage has come alive with the rhythm of dance troupes, providing a captivating spectacle for audiences. Dramas have unfolded with intensity, taking advantage of the auditorium’s adaptability to different creative visions.

Community Fundraisers and Multicultural Events: A Venue for All

Beyond individual performances, Unidus has played host to community fundraisers, providing a space for local causes to thrive. Multicultural events have celebrated diversity, bringing communities together in a shared space that fosters understanding and appreciation. Unidus is more than a venue; it’s a community hub that supports and enhances the cultural fabric of Brisbane.

Beyond the Auditorium: Function Rooms and Culinary Delights

While our auditorium takes the spotlight, Unidus offers additional function rooms for hire, providing flexibility for various event needs. Access to our commercial kitchen allows you to enhance the experience with catered meals, food trucks, or coffee carts. Unidus ensures that every detail is considered, offering a seamless experience for you and your guests.

Tailored Support for Your Vision

Unidus goes beyond the venue by offering support tailored to your vision. If additional equipment is required, you can speak with our friendly team and we’ll try our best to accommodate. During your event, our experienced technical staff will seamlessly manage the production, or collaborate with your team of professionals. We can also arrange for professional photographers, videographers, and photo booths to capture your concert or performance, creating lasting memories for all.

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Unidus hosts all types of concerts or performances from international artists to local schools and community events.

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Key Concert Venue Information


  • 600-750 seat capacity in theatre style.
  • Large stage area 70m2.
  • Basic stage lighting to concert-style stage lighting (tailored to your event).
  • Basic video projection for powerpoint slides andvideos to full live video production.
  • Full concert sound system able to cater to small to large bands.
  • Many customers also provide packaged meals during intermission which the foyer and pavilion areas are perfect for. 
  • Access to Commercial Kitchen for BYO/Self catering or external catering.
  • 250 car parking spaces.