Frequently Asked Questions

You are important to us. Here are a few FAQs regarding our venue hire and to help with your planning. 

Is there any fixed price for hiring the auditorium and other rooms?

We are not able to set a fixed fee for hiring the auditorium as every event is different. The cost is determined by your event requirement.

Below are some average cost for various types of event. These figures are derived from past events and may not be indicative of your event.

– Conference and seminars $3000 – $6000
– Weddings receptions $6000 – $9000
– Concerts and shows – $5000 – $9000

We also provide a discount to members of Hope Church Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich.

Can I lay-by the hiring fee?

We require full payment of the bond amount to secure a date for your booking. Full payment is required 1 month prior to the event date.

Can I hire both levels of your auditorium?

The seminar rooms on level 1 of our building are able to convert to the upper level of the auditorium, however several of them have been booked on a weekly basis. Therefore the minimum cost of hiring out both level auditorium is $6000 for weekday and $8000 for weekends (ex GST). This helps us compensate the other users and cover the logistic cost in setting up the upper level of the auditorium.

Can I hire Unidus over a weekend?

Unidus is owned by Hope Church Brisbane and is used as a place of worship for their weekly Sunday Services. Therefore the building is not available on Sundays from 6am to 3.30pm.

Why do I need to hire your event supervisor and technicians?

We required all events and activities to be supervised and security guards are compulsory for any public events over 100 guests. Our PA systems and equipment are operated by our trained technicians only. This will ensure a hassle-free event for our clients. All our staff are hired on a casual basis and are paid hourly, and penalty rates apply to public holidays and after hours (12 midnight).

Why can’t we host religious activities or events outside Judeo/Christian practices?

Unidus Community Centre is privately owned by Hope Church Brisbane which is a Christian congregation, and it is used as their primary place of worship.

Can we consume alcohol at our event held at Unidus?

We only allow alcohol consumption at well controlled events. We only allow spirits, beer and wine to be consumed. We will impose the cost of security service at all alcohol related events.

Is smoking allowed at Unidus?

We have a designated smoking area and we require all organiser to inform your audience at the beginning of the event. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside our building.

How many carparks is there at Unidus?

There is onsite carpark space for up to 250 cars including disabled and staff parking.

Can we park on the big empty fields?

There is strictly no parking allowed on the fields due to our watering system. Any damage to the system or the fields caused by your guests/audience will be deducted from the bond.

Why do I need to purchase public liability insurance?

Our public liability insurance only covers any injury claims caused by our building and facilities, therefore we require all events hiring Unidus Community Centre to obtain adequate insurance of at least 20 million dollars cover for claims caused by your event preparation, decoration, activities or programs.

Can I use my own volunteers to do the setup and pack-up to save cost?

You may use your volunteers for setting up and packing up any event hiring our seminar rooms. Our seminar rooms are usually hired out as empty rooms. However, we do not allow this for the auditorium, where all setup and pack up service will be carried out by our trained staff only.