There are many fantastic reasons to hold your event outside and opt for an outdoor venue hire in Brisbane!

Consider hosting your party outside if you’re organising one. There are so many excellent options that you may select the perfect spot. Three of the many fantastic benefits of having your party outside will be covered in this article.

You Have More Space

Another great reason to host your party outside is that you have much more space to work with. You are free to move as far as the landscape allows, not restricted by the walls of a room or a building. This removes any restrictions on the number of guests you may invite and enables you to plan an event far bigger than you could have indoors.

You Are Surrounded By Lovely Scenery

One great reason to conduct your event outside is the stunning surroundings. There is gorgeous flora to admire in addition to the lovely sky and other natural features. 

Since nature’s beauty serves as your decor, you could need less décor overall. This may help you save money and provide a lovely setting for your outdoor celebration.

Suitable For Families 

If your event is hosted outside rather than in numerous interior locations, it will be far more family-friendly. 

There is space for whole families to sit together, so you don’t have to be concerned about kids breaking things or damaging floors. This lessens your concern while also improving the comfort and pleasantness of your outdoor event for guests of all ages.

What to Take into Account When Planning an Outdoor Event

Here are some useful suggestions as you plan your forthcoming outdoor event or the outdoor elements of a hybrid event when the weather starts to heat up. 

Develop A Backup Plan

Even though it appears straightforward enough, this idea is frequently ignored. Rain dates used to be common for outdoor events. 

Due to difficulties with scheduling, they are no longer in demand. Being outside in the rain lowers spirits, so perhaps it’s time to resume this practice.

Choose A Location With Both Indoor and Outdoor Settings

Excellent examples are a lodge outdoors, an indoor amphitheatre, or an auditorium. Reserve the space and use it as a backup in case of rain.

Make sure you don’t miss a step by using this sample checklist, which covers everything from planning and budgeting to setting up your event platform and creating on-site hygiene regulations.

Check out venues for hire in Brisbane that provide you with many options. 

Request Authorization And Enquire About Curfews

Some outdoor venues may have curfews to lessen the inconvenience to neighbours, depending on how near they are to residential areas. Learn about curfews to add a layer of protection to your outdoor event.

Provide Shade and Hydration 

People often exclaim, “run for cover,” when there is a sudden rain. It is equally important to provide shade and sun protection on hot days or in locations with extreme temperatures, like the desert.

In hot weather, it’s essential to have adequate hydration stations available for attendees, especially for outdoor events with alcohol. To lessen the event’s harmful environmental impact, refrain from using single-use plastic water bottles. 

Instead, provide several water bottle refilling stations and include branded water bottles among the event prizes. You may give this to your sponsors to get paid extra.

Keep An Emergency Kit On Hand

The number of possible problems when planning outdoor events grows as a result. So make sure you’re prepared for everything.

Ensure That Everyone Has Access To Your Location

It may not usually be included on lists, but it’s important to consider all your attendees and their accessibility needs.


Not only do you get to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery, but you can also save money on venue rental fees and decorations. Additionally, you may transform your backyard into the ideal party location with a little imagination So next time you’re planning a party, consider going the outdoor route and opt for a venue hire Brisbane BYO! 

The Unidus Community & Conference Centre sits on Brisbane’s southside, a contemporary and adaptable multi-purpose event space. We operate community programs all year round, in addition to hosting a range of events of various kinds. Enquire with us if you need an outdoor venue hire in Brisbane!