Unidus has one of the largest auditoriums on Brisbane’s southside. The principal feature of the centre is a multi-purpose and variable-sized auditorium catering for 600 seats in the main column-free section and expandable to over 800 seats.

The facility houses production quality sound, lighting and multimedia capabilities (data projection, production quality cameras, online streaming and more) with a large elevated stage area. The auditorium is additionally expandable to a 2-level theatre style with up to 1200 seats however, we currently do not feature tiered seating capability.

Auditorium Style Seating Options

Available auditorium seating options are available for your event.


By far the most common seating style for performances. Seating available up to 750 people and up to 1200 people with Level 1 balcony opened. Our Auditorium includes 250 seats by default. Careful consideration with you will determine best style to suit  your event.


With tables large enough for 10 persons comfortably, our auditorium caters up to 250 people. Additional adjoining spaces allows for buffet style, common beverage table, temporary bar, candy stall and anything in between. Of course, if you prefer, table service is also a fantastic way to spruce up your dinner event.


The Cabaret style is a variation of the banquet style, allowing for dining while enjoying stage performances. This style is ideally suited for fundraisers, award nights and musicals. This style permits up to 200 people.


While less common, classroom style in our large auditorium permits up to 300 people.


The advantage of our auditorium is that it contains no obstructive structural column, allow the whole floor space to be used freely. As such, up to 700 people will fit comfortably with a range of different-sized tables for finger-food, drinks, prizes etc.

Celebrations & Wedding

A common request among the party-goers. The auditorium space may be used in a multi-format style – dance floor in combination with banquet, cabaret, theatre or cocktail style. In addition, the wide open space and staging area is perfectly suited for wedding ceremonies.


Exhibitions and trade shows were key to our design concept. With inclusions such as floor power/AV/ethernet cabling, as well as on all walls, your exhibition show is already catered for.

Help Us Help You

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Base Inclusions

d&b Audiotechnik Sound System
Standard Band Package (2 x Wireless Mics/Stage Wedges)
High Quality Auditorium Chairs
Backstage & Amenities

Equipment Available

Stage Lighting
Projection Screen 28ft 16:9
Auxiliary Support Gear Mic’s, DIs, Cables, Stands
HD Broadcast Camera’s
GoPro Camera’s
Technicians and Operators
Food Catering
Stage & Venue Decoration allowed

Requirements & Staff

Public Liability Insurance $20M
Refundable Bond up to $3000
Supervisory/Senior Staff $53/h
AV/Logistics Crew $33-40/h
Overtime chargeable
Past 12am staff rates 1.5x


Alcohol consumption by request only*
Non-Judea-Christian religious ceremonies may not be permitted
Logistic setup and tear down by our staff only
No decorations on any walls
Sunday hire after 3:00pm
*security may be required above 200 people

Auditorium Hire

If you’re looking for a large auditorium styled venue in Brisbane to hold your next music production, performance or event, be sure to check out Unidus Community Centre. No matter the event type, Unidus is the perfect venue for holding a private event, corporate functions, party, conference and wedding receptions. 

Feel free to request a quote by completing our enquiry form (top right) or contact our friendly event team if you have any questions or would like to book an auditorium and event facilities tour.