It’s been a few months since you got engaged, and you’ve been talking about throwing an engagement party. The purpose of the engagement party is to commemorate the fact that two people have decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

Even though the big day is still months away, you may still begin the festivities today! You may announce your engagement to your family and friends in a manner that enhances the relationship between the two of you—and doubles the number of picture-perfect memories.

Engagement parties are traditionally held for close relatives and friends who will play an essential role on the wedding day to meet, mingle and get to know one another for the first time. Engagement parties mark the beginning of two families merging into one extended family.

Make sure you’ve got all the essentials in place before deciding on a venue for dinner, drinks, celebrations, and even dancing before you settle on a location.

Consider the Number of People on the Guest List

People who attend an engagement party are expected to attend the wedding as well, thus it’s a typical etiquette guideline to invite everyone you know. A reduced guest list is preferable for long-distance weddings when a guest list is still up in the air. What’s not to appreciate about keeping things simple when there are fewer people who need them?

Look for a location where everything is contained inside a single space when deciding on a plan. People with big families may want to think about using unconventional floor plans that allow for plenty of area for interaction.

Make Sure the Place Is Easy to Reach

Most guests should be able to travel easily to attend an engagement party. Because going across the nation for drinks and supper is expensive, no one wants to do it. Make sure to keep this in mind while choosing a location so that as many people as possible can attend.

Remember, the expense of the trip should not be prohibitive, even if your guests have to stay overnight. If your family and friends aren’t on board with your plans due to a lack of funds or time, seek to include just the most important people in your family and work around their location.

Plan Your Served Meals

Engagement parties have historically taken place during dinnertime, but you may experiment with many types of dining trends to generate the right mood. For some couples, an engagement dinner is the ideal occasion to bring their families together in a more intimate setting by serving food in the form of a family feast.

As an alternative, you may have a more relaxed get-together with passed snacks and preselected beverages such as champagnes, red and white wines, and sodas. Set up a few bar tables and a few chairs in the room. This frees up the visitor to mingle with the other guests and engage in meaningful conversation.


With so many venues to choose from these days, the options can seem overwhelming. Today’s engagement parties have no real rules, which means couples and planners can feel free to stretch their wings and try new ideas. Keep your engagement party fun and relaxed. Planning your wedding day can get stressful, so enjoy your little love bubble now! 

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