A prosperous engagement is something worth celebrating. From the events leading up to your wedding, this is one of the first chances to prove your organising prowess. But planning a great engagement party takes a lot of careful consideration and meticulousness. 

Don’t be intimidated! Here are a few simple tips to organise a successful engagement party.

1. Set a Good Date

One of the first things to plan for your engagement party is when you are going to do it. It is common practice to set your party immediately after the proposal, but this might also depend on how big of a party you are planning.

If you want to set up an intimate gathering with your closest friends and loved ones, it’s possible to set something up immediately. However, for a more formal event, it may take weeks or months to plan. Be sure to let your guests know beforehand so that they can plan accordingly.

2. Get a Host

Don’t forget to get a host! You will be far too busy entertaining your guests to host your own engagement party, trust us. Finding a dynamic, suitable host for your engagement isn’t as hard as you think it is.

If you want a host that you know everyone will already love, you can bring in a family member or a friend, anyone close to the couple that has the charm and energy to host.

3. Set a Budget for Your Party

A well-organised budget is the root of all efficient party planning. When setting up your engagement party, it’s best to have a budget regardless of whether you want a formal party or a small one. 

It will also help you decide what sort of theme you might want, and how many guests to invite. If you want to save up enough for your wedding, you can opt to plan an intimate engagement party instead.

4. Make a Guest List

Make sure to finalise your guest list before you plan for your party. This is so that you can set aside a budget for the total number of people who are coming. If you’re planning on a more intimate event, then you would typically want only your closest loved ones to invite.

You don’t necessarily have to include all of your potential wedding guests in the lista significant number should be good. Send out your invitations about a month or at least six weeks before the engagement party so guests can confirm their attendance.

5. Find a Venue

When you have everything set, you will need a venue that can accommodate all of your guests! When you have a theme in mind, you can choose between an outdoor or indoor-type of party. You can hold a garden engagement party, or a classic, indoor celebration.

The best venue should have the right equipment for lights and sounds so you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Planning your engagement party is only one of the many things to plan before your wedding day. Make your engagement memorable by choosing the right venue, theme, guests and host. 

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