How do you find the best wedding caterer? Ask the right questions. The ideal wedding caterer will be able to answer a series of questions successfully and demonstrate professionalism throughout the process. If a prospective wedding caterer is unable to provide adequate answers to these questions, then they may not be the best professional for your wedding.

Here is a list of the top questions to ask a potential caterer for your wedding day.

Questions Your Potential Caterer Should Be Able to Answer

1 – What Types of Fare Do You Offer?

One of the first questions you’ll want to ask your prospective wedding caterer is, “What types of food do you serve?” Depending on your overall budget and wedding venue, it is likely that your caterer can help you save money on the cost of your reception. For example, if your wedding reception is going to be held at a winery or vineyard, you may want to consider having a salad, appetizer and dessert reception instead of a full meal.

2 – Can You Provide Food Options for Special Diets?

It is also important to consider the traditional food offerings of your chosen wedding location. For example, is it a religious wedding? If so, your caterer should be able to provide kosher, vegetarian or even vegan options for your reception.

3 – Do You Also Bake Wedding Cakes?

If you are planning on having a traditional wedding cake for your reception, you’ll want to ask if your wedding caterer handles it as well. Today, it is possible to find wedding cake bakeries that also serve as wedding caterers. However, you may find that you can save money by doing the cake yourself. You can always ask your wedding caterer for a referral to a reputable wedding cake baker.

4 – What is Your Pricing Model?

Before you hire your wedding caterer, it is important to determine the pricing model they use. Some catering businesses charge by the hour, and others charge a flat rate. There is no right or wrong pricing model; it just depends on your overall budget.

5 – What Additional Fees Are Associated with Your Services?

Many catering services charge decorating fees, delivery fees and set-up fees. Be sure to ask about these charges at the beginning of your planning process so you can factor them into your overall budget.

6 – What Are Your Payment Options?

Cash is always on the list of wedding caterer payment options, but you should also ask about other forms of payment such as credit cards or checks. If your caterer only accepts cash, look for a business that offers an alternative payment option.


The best wedding caterers in the industry will be able to answer these questions and many more. If your caterer cannot answer these questions, do some additional research to find the right professional for your wedding day. Not only is he or she responsible for providing delicious food during your reception, but they will also help create a memorable day for you and your guests. Be picky in your search for the right wedding caterer and make sure you hire someone who is experienced, professional and can provide a delicious meal that will satisfy your guests.

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