Event marketing is necessary when you’re trying to promote any product, service or message. Ensuring that things go to plan is the most ideal, especially when you’re on a limited budget when organising and advertising the gathering as is. Unfortunately, some people aren’t able to avoid certain costly mistakes.

While some may be able to recover from the issues that had sprouted while marketing the event, it’s much more recommended to work on prevention rather than a solution. Try to steer clear of these event marketing errors:

1) Underwhelming Timing 

Event organisers tend to forget the most basic principle that is timing. Unfortunately, this vital part of your home greatly affects your events turn out. It’s important to choose the best time and day they want to hold the event.

Find a day that makes sense and when most of the possible audience is available. This way, you can easily draw in more prospects and target people. Plus, the event will have the chance to make a huge impact if you time it perfectly.

2) Internal Miscommunication

When you’re trying to promote a particular event, you need to ensure that the rest of your staff members are on board with your ideas and plans. Avoid disorganisation by making sure that everyone knows what they’re supposed to do. 

Usually, some may fumble certain tasks. For instance, the event venue should be booked and decorated properly. It’s easy to miscommunicate about who is supposed to do what, so be sure to just seek out event hire and discuss then.

3) Misuse of Resources

Many companies and businesses are guilty of wasting their event marketing materials and venue. Even worse, they’re often throwing everything up in the air or forgetting to pay mind to this. It can be a total loss for the company and a letdown to their audience.

Remember that you’re paying for these event marketing personnel and elements, so make sure that they’re properly put to good use. Avoid wasting money on these inclusions and just utilise them to improve the quality of the event instead. 

4) Under-Delivering Event Elements

There are many important aspects of event marketing like the graphics, materials, gifts, venue and the event itself. All of these come together to form a great launch or gathering. If you decide not to deliver, you’re likely to lose your audience.

It’s important to make sure that whatever was promised for the event will be present. Ensure that you’re giving your audience the best experience by putting in the most effort to make the event memorable and fun to attend.

5) Forgotten Event Reviews

Some event organisers and marketers tend to forget to take note of the audience’s reactions when they’re at the event. They might forget to ask for feedback after the fact. Therefore, they’re unable to find out what they can improve on next time. Aim to keep track of the responses that your event generated to make the next production even better.


Event marketing can be tricky. But, preparation is essential to the success of your business or organisation. If you’re running a business that depends on how well you market yourselves, you need to be well-equipped while avoiding costly errors with your event.

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