Society of Bangladeshi Doctors Queensland (SBDQ) presents Sabina Yasmin in Concert at Unidus Community Centre. The night was typified with bright colours, great people and audience participation like no other! Sabina and her 5-piece band (keys, guitars, bass, octopad and tabla) produced enormous sound and her heavenly voice caught the audience in raptures and with singing, dancing and cheering as well.

An intermission allowed the audience a short break and time for pre-packaged dinner, all organised by the SBDQ events team. At the end of the night, Sabina gave the audience an opportunity to take photos and everyone took their chance!

A bit more on Sabina Yasmin:

At the age of six, back in 1959, a little girl appeared on stage in Dhaka to sing a children’s song “khokon moni sona… tor duto rosogolla theke ekta amay dena”. As the little girl sang the song, the audience responded with loud cheers demanding her to sing one more song. That was the first performance of Sabina Yasmin, who later went on to grab 13 national awards and innumerable other national and international awards with her voice.

A legend still living amongst us, a pioneer who gave a new dimension to the Bangla music and won the hard battle she had fought with cancer. Nothing is yet to hold her back from her love from music as Sabina Yasmin continues her regular practices and performances.