With the world slowly returning to normal, many people are looking forward to socialising once more. One of the biggest events one can socialise at would be in a concert. So, it would not be surprising if there would be a lot of concerts these coming months and years.

While this may be fun for concertgoers, organisers may be dreading this moment. A concert is always fun, but having to organise it is never easy. For event planners, not being able to organise a concert during the pandemic was painful, but the pressure is on.

If you are worried about organising a concert again after two years, read on for some tips.

Working with Performers

As the main focus of the concert, selecting your performing acts is an important step. First, you have to decide whether it is a concert for one specific performer or if it is a festival with a long lineup. However, even if it is just a single main performer, you may still need opening acts.

Ideally, you may want to work with the trending groups to catch the attention of the audience. However, they may be fully booked for other events. If that is the case, you may want to search for indie groups that have a decent following and perform well.

Selecting a Venue

Community centres, concert halls, open fields—you name it! There are different types of venues that are usually available for concerts. However, you must consider what kind of concert and theme you would want.

Music festivals with many people are preferably held outdoors, especially if there are special effects like water and pyrotechnics. Some more intimate concerts may be held indoors.

However, you may also want to take into account the weather for the concert day. If you plan to hold the concert outdoors, it is always better to have a backup indoor venue. Alternatively, you may work with venue finders and plan it out by telling them what you need and want.

Getting the Right Equipment

Some artists may have specific equipment in mind. While a lot of them may provide their own, they may have requests. Additionally, venues may also have their own equipment set.

It is necessary that you work with the best staff and professionals who are familiar with the equipment. These people can then check for you whether the equipment is appropriate for the event. Having the right sound and lighting equipment is necessary for the concert to be enjoyable.

Serving Refreshments

Some concerts may serve refreshments to their guests. You must first check if there are some available at the venue as they may be a self-catering function venue. If not, you can try and look for a caterer or a venue that is self-catering.

The food and beverage that you serve need to be appropriate to your target audience. It must also be suitable for the concert vibe. No one would want to eat soup at an outdoor, summer concert!

Marketing Your Concert

A concert can only work if there is an audience. So you must make sure to do great marketing for your concert to catch the interest of your desired audience. Create a fun marketing strategy to entice others to attend.

The Bottom Line

Organising a concert can be stressful, especially after two years of not being able to host one. Fret not, however! All you have to do is follow our tips to make organising a concert easier. Work with the performers, get the right equipment and market your event, and you’ll surely have a rocking concert experience to remember!

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