Planning an event can be quite tricky for some, especially since there are many factors to consider in coming up with a gathering that will be successful for both the organisers and the participants. 

Establishments usually worry about the number of people they will manage to attract for the event or conference, but did you know that there is another major factor that they should be prioritising early on?

The venue of the event is as important as any other amenities and equipment for the gathering. If the organiser isn’t cautious about it, they may have a disaster in their hands. If you happen to be planning a conference for your company, chances are this is one of the things that you are looking out for in your to-do list. 

It may seem easy just to rent a random venue and call it a day, but you must remember that even the simplest tasks tend to end up unsuccessful if they aren’t done correctly.

With all of that said, we’ve listed down a couple of pointers that you should keep in mind when picking a spot for your event. Remember them all and save yourself from the hassle of reschedules and cancellations.

  • The Number of Expected Participants

One of the main things you can do early on is estimate the number of people attending your event. You can confirm this through the RSVP method, wherein the participants will have to confirm their attendance at least a month before the conference so that you will be able to coordinate the actual venue size as well. 

Take note that you will have to consider the program proper, as the type of activities you need to carry out will also determine the actual space you need. If this will just be like any normal seminar, you can set a few tables and chairs. If you have any icebreakers, consider getting a bigger venue as people will definitely need to stand and move around for that.

  • The Type of Conference That You Are Planning

What is the conference all about? What is your company trying to accomplish by holding that assembly with all your employees? These questions will come into play, especially if you want your venue to stick to the event’s main theme. 

If this is about a company-wide seminar that aims to retrain all your employees, you may need a big venue for all the planned activities. If this is just a simple reward-giving day, you need to stick to a smaller space with a considerable aisle in the middle. Take note of the conference’s main goals and determine which floor space will work best with it.

  • The Type of Participants That You Will Be Interacting With

If you plan to hold a conference to retrain your adult employees, then getting a small venue wouldn’t be much of a problem. However, if your conference will deal with a younger audience, there is a chance for them to feel uncomfortable, especially once the day drags on. 

Get a space with all the comfortable seats and make sure that every seat has a direct route towards the fire exit, just in case something happens and you may need to evacuate the young participants.


Picking a venue for your conference is just a matter of knowing your audience type and size. Their age, activities, and expected numbers will play a significant role in choosing the right one for your gathering as well. 

This may seem simple until you realise that the event’s success will all depend on the amenities available to you and your participants, and if even one of them is not met or provided for, there is a tendency for things to turn out negatively. 

Go for the right venue, and never forget about making your participants feel comfortable. After all, nothing would be more conducive to learning than a wide, innovative, and comfortable place.

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