When planning a wedding, you probably have a couple of dozen decisions to make before the actual wedding day, which is why the planning alone takes months to complete. You also need to make a couple of big decisions, such as choosing the right venue for the wedding. As you look for the perfect wedding venue in Brisbane, you should be on the lookout for these certain things.

Figure Out Your Wedding Style

When finding a venue, you may not have all the details of your wedding figured out yet, but you should at least have an idea of what style or theme you’ll be going for. Your wedding style will basically dictate almost every detail in your preparations, including the venue. So it’s recommended to focus on what you want your special day to feel like, and you’ll find a venue that perfectly compliments your vision.

Establish Your Budget

Your budget will also be a big factor when looking for a venue. If you have a limited budget allotted for the reception, then your options for the venue will be limited as well. On average, couples designate between 10-15% of their budget for the venue. However, you also have to consider other things in connection with your chosen venue like decorations, sound system, tables and chairs, etc. Those additional expenses alone could put the venue out of your budget.

Consider the Privacy of the Venue

Privacy varies widely by the venue, as does the importance couples place on it. If you’re having a daytime event in a public sport, such as a park, beach, or botanical garden, expect some onlookers to pass by your event. These people may smile, wave, and come by to offer their well wishes. If that doesn’t bother you at all, then you can go ahead and book your venue. However, if privacy is a big consideration for you and your partner, then maybe a banquet hall or hotel might be a more suitable option for you. 

Lighting Matters

Lighting has the potential to make or break the mood and space of your event. If you’re having a daytime wedding, your venue should have enough windows to provide natural light. You wouldn’t want your guests to have a hard time finding their seats or eating in the dark. On the other hand, an indoor venue will need to have good lighting as well. A quick tip should be to visit your venue at about the same time as you’d want to hold your wedding. That’ll give you a good idea of how the venue would look like on your wedding day and if it has enough lighting for the event.

Consider Having a Backup Plan

Weeks or days leading up to your wedding day can be one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking moments for the couple. If you happen to encounter some problems with the venue while you’re so close to the big day, it’s probably best to have a backup plan in place. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding and a typhoon happens to stop by the area a few days before the event, then you should have an indoor space as a backup plan. While this may not always be necessary, it pays to always have a contingency plan, especially for your wedding.


Choosing your wedding venue requires a lot of planning and consideration. By following these tips, you’ll have a much easier time looking for the perfect venue that would suit your tastes and your needs.

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