Company meetings are held for you and your employees to discuss the goal of the business and its possible forecast for success. Of course, not everything goes according to plan, but with such a meeting, everyone is on the same page, establishing that everyone did their best, whether the company succeeds with its goal or not.

That being said, everyone needs to take notes so that they would have a reference for the details of the meeting.

If you are struggling to do this efficiently, you may need to take note of the following helpful tips below.

1. Write, Don’t Type

You might be using a laptop or a tablet instead of a note-taking book or paper, but it’s still best to take down your notes in written form. Typing your notes is a common practice, but it limits you from writing legibly and fast at the same time. More importantly, it also limits your creativity to a certain extent.

Writing down your notes on a piece of paper requires you to think of a poetic and creative way to describe whatever the speaker says in the meeting.

2. Not Everything Has to Be Written Down

In saying that you should take down your notes in written form, it doesn’t mean you need to write everything the speaker says. If this is the case, you may end up having a lot of notes that you may not need.

Only some highlights, like the details about the business, its goals and its marketing strategies, as well as its future business plans and strategies, should be written down. Others? Not so much.

3. Try Using a Note-Taking Template

An easy way to make note-taking easier is to use a predetermined note-taking format or template. This way, you don’t have to worry about rewriting your notes from scratch each time you take notes in a meeting.

Your phone may have some templates you can use for your company meetings, but it’s best to have a hard copy of the template when taking notes in the meeting room.

4. Organise Your Notes

Place all the notes that you took in the meeting in a notebook. The notebook can be just a regular notebook if you want, but it can also be a notebook that’s specifically made for taking notes in meetings.

Aside from that, you can also organise your notes by using a planner. This way, you would know how to go back to the notes that you took down in the meeting. If you are unsure if this is an efficient method, you can ask your colleagues if they do this as well.

5. Enlist a Quick Tip or a Summary

Aside from writing down the details of the meeting, it’s also important that you write down some quick tips or a brief summary that you can share with the employees afterwards.

The quick tips or the summary will act as an overview of what the speaker said, as well as the main points of the meeting. This would help you and your employees to remember what is important when listening to the meeting.


Company meetings may feel like a waste of time, but it is a vital part of the process of making your business successful. If you are unsure how to take notes during the meeting, you should try to follow some of the tips mentioned above.

Besides, if you are a bit lost on what to write in your notes, try to ask the speaker to repeat the important points of the meeting again, just to clarify some statements that may be misinterpreted.

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