Unidus Community Centre was proud to host Mamana Academy’s signature event in July 2018. Their display of song and dance, traditional to Tongan culture was simply awe-inspiring. Unidus provided all stage lighting, video display and audio requirements as well as a number of smaller rooms for quick dress changes and other preparations. During the show, each group entered the stage from the front (rather than from backstage) which added to the anticipation of each dance item as they entered. It was very much a family atmosphere of around 500-600 in attendances. Freshly packed food and beverage was available throughout the show.

We also had to the privilege of providing photography and videography (see below highlights) by One Mustard Seed.

Mamana Academy ‘Faiva Nite’ 2018 is a show case of the true arts of Traditional Tongan dancing, also featuring ‘Hiva Kakala Fili’ – singing competition from all Kava groups (mens social kava club) in Brisbane. Mamana Academy of Tongan Arts and Culture is a tongan dancing school, teaching the young generations born and raised overseas about their Tongan heritage and culture, so the customs won’t be lost, and encourages our Tongan communities in Brisbane to support and bond as a Tongan through their children’s learning.

For more information, please visit Facebook page: Mamana Academy of Tongan Arts n Culture.

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