Self-Catering / Commercial Kitchen

Unlike many other Brisbane venues, Unidus Community & Conference Centre offers you the ability to self-cater or bring in your own caterer to serve your guest. Our commercial kitchen is capable of successfully catering for more than 250 people in a table-service banquet style dinner fundraiser over 4 courses or have an enjoyable buffet feast under the Pavilion. There is plenty of commercial-grade equipment and if something’s missing, we’re sure the ample bench space and immediate outdoor spaces will allow your preferred caterer to transport and store additional equipment. Talk to us more about your self-catering or kitchen requirements.

Book our kitchen to use the following equipment:

4-burner gas stove with griddle
Large wok burner
2-shelf gas oven
Deep fryer
Double-french door Fridge and Freezer
Food preparation bench with shelf
Bench Servery
4-shelf bench space