Deepavali 2015 by Tamil Association Qld. Special Guest, Cr Milton Dick.
Deepavali (aka Diwali) is an annual Indian cultural festival celebrated in the spring time. Tamil Association Qld first hosted their event with us in 2014 and will do so again in 2016. It is always a joy and pleasure to help them create an atmosphere befitting of their event. Always colourful and indeed an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy and participate in, the event is a coming together of people from all ages. Brilliant and well-rehearsed performance items include dances of different variety, singing and story-telling. The Indian culture is a big part of the south-, south-west Brisbane community and as such often attracts local councillors with Cr Milton Dick and Cr Angela Owen-Taylor in attendance in 2015.

Check out the highlights video and selection of photos from the event below.