A wedding is a multi-step event. Like all multi-step events, it has quite a few categories. The biggest ones, of course, are the wedding ceremony proper and the reception afterwards. Besides the issue of food, which catering services can often handle, the groom-to-be and bride-to-be are usually consumed in picking the best possible venue.

Here are some crucial tips when trying to pick the ideal wedding venue:

Take Areas Into Consideration

There are four key activities during wedding receptions: dancing, drinking, eating and talking. Each one needs a dedicated area that makes sense in terms of flow and foot traffic.

Stand in a corner when you go to check out a possible venue. Envision where the aforementioned activities would be laid out for your needs. If it doesn’t seem like there’s ample space for proper division so that it can all get done, find another venue. The last thing you want (or need) is to feel crowded. You don’t want your guests to feel that way either.

Take Lighting Into Consideration

Choosing a location for a wedding is important. If it is a daytime wedding, you will want to rent a venue with lots of windows. If it is an evening wedding, you will want to rent a venue with flexible lights options that can set the mood for your event from classy to a dance floor atmosphere. You will also want to make sure that the lights at the entryways and dining areas can easily be controlled. If you are having an outdoor evening wedding, you may want to set up candles.

Take Space Into Consideration

Large venues are always the best fit for weddings. While some venues may appear to be just the right size at first, they can appear small once the tables, chairs, and buffet setup have been laid out. Guests need to have room to move around, especially once they start dancing; they don’t want to feel boxed in or claustrophobic. But be careful not to select a venue that is too huge, since you may regret wasting money on a space you didn’t fill properly.

Estimates can be inaccurate at times. It’s a good idea to go to the venue when it is set up for a wedding or have pictures of weddings they have held previously. Even just a quick look around should give you a clear picture. Make sure that you select a venue large enough so your guests will have room to move around. Ask around and speak with the manager at the venue; they can give you an idea of how many guests will fit comfortably in the space.


Weddings are a beautiful time in a person’s life. However, leading up to the event, couples will go through quite a lot in terms of preparation. This includes choosing a wedding venue. Important factors to consider include space, privacy and lighting.

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