On 21st July, Jan celebrated her 18th birthday in Unidus Community Centre’s main auditorium. In a well organised event, the floor and stage area was used effectively with a couch nook/space on the upper stage for presenting Jan whilst guests were seated in banquet style around round tables. Buffet tables were placed at the rear of the auditorium on either side of the operations AV Booth.

Jan had planned a number of stage items not only to showcase her young years but to also honour her friends and family that helped shape her. Among these are traditional Filipino debut items including “18 candles” presented by Jan’s female friends and relatives with short speeches. As well as “18 roses” by her male friends with a short waltz dance. Jan ended the night with a dance party with DJ (provided by Jan’s friends) and stage lighting provided by Unidus.

Unidus provided all the tableware including cutlery and plates with cleaning services all inclusion. This certainly made everything easier for the organisers for bump-out.

We wish Jan all the very best in her young adult years and a very blessed birthday!