Innovative catering solutions can take any meal to a new level of excellence, from corporate events to huge gatherings. This is because food and consumption can be such a magical experience that could bond and tie human beings together. Although, it’s important to remember to eat nutritiously. After all, business meetings can be more productive when good food is shared by a team.

We think similarly when it comes to events. In light of catering ideas, ideas should be creative, delicious, and appropriate at the same time. Today, we’ll share some catering menu ideas for your next event!

Break the Fast

Breakfast is usually considered to be the most important meal of the day. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. While developing budget-friendly food designs, keep the event’s timetable and general theme in mind. Also, note that some of your visitors may be sensitive to nuts, gluten intolerant, or adhere to strict diets. Below are a handful of our breakfast favourites: 

  1. Bacon and egg pies
  2. Smoothies and acai bowls.
  3. Indulgent waffle bar with both savoury and sweet toppings.
  4. French toast with sausage kebabs.
  5. Small skillets of scrambled eggs.
  6. Avocado toast with radishes, and cucumbers.
  7. Vegetable stuffed tomatoes.

Prepare for Special Snacks

When preparing food catering for special occasions, avoid stressing over three square meals. Allow guests to rest between meetings, presentations, and seminars. This is an ideal time to serve them tiny snacks to chew on as they prepare for the next event. Consider the following out-of-the-box catering options for pre-portioned portable bites:

  1. For a dose of fruits: Fresh smoothie bowls.
  2. For a light carb load: Warm savoury and sweet soft pretzel bites.
  3. For the perfect combination: Toasted cheese spears and tomato soup shots.
  4. For more indulgence: Cauliflower tacos with salsa or hummus.
  5. For the crunch: Chickpeas with kale chips.

Custom Meals and Dishes

When it comes to entertaining and providing one-of-a-kind catering, personalization is essential. Remember, people enjoy inventing new flavours, so the artistic element also serves as a discussion starter for guests. Here are some of our favourite personalized catering options:

  1. Sandwich & Salad Bar
  2. Overloaded macaroni and cheese with toppings.
  3. Poke bowl.
  4. Nachos & Taco Buffet 
  5. Charcuterie Buffet.

The Popular Choices

While feeding the crowd, keep your large group catering meal ideas simple. Here are some of our favourite creative catering ideas that are sure to impress:

  1. Small sliders (available in beef, chicken parm, and crab cake)
  2. Sushi
  3. Fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  4. Wraps.
  5. Tapas and sangria, with croquettes, tortilla wedges, ham, and cheese.
  6. Steamed buns (pork or vegetable).
  7. Seafood trays.

For the Sweet Tooth

Finally, dessert! When catering dessert menu ideas, make sure to also add dairy-free options so your guests can appreciate your inclusivity. Among our favourite dessert catering ideas are the following: 

  1. Fruit Salad
  2. Classic Belgian waffle.
  3. Rainbow-coloured snow cones.
  4. Pavalova 
  5. Gelato/Ice Cream Bar


Catering is all about allowing shining through the food that is served. Food is a vital element to creating a successful event, so get creative with ideas and ensure that every item is delicious. Simply make it a time worth remembering!

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