This article will take you through some common questions you might have about conference venues, hoping that it makes the conference venue hire process a little bit less stressful for you. So without further ado, here are the most important things when choosing a conference venue:

1. The Venue’s Security Policy

First and foremost, you need to consider your own personal and company values. What kind of event are you hosting? Are you a large convention of 10,000 people? Are you a smaller event of 500 people? If you are a government, public or private organisation, you might want to consider the security requirements set out by your own organisation.

Consider the following aspects when you are researching the security policy of a venue:

  • Minimum security requirements
  • Medical requirements
  • Fire Safety requirements
  • Licensing requirements
  • Acoustic Performance requirements

2. The Venue’s Technical Capability

The venue’s technical capabilities should also be researched to ensure the proper technical requirements to host your event. This includes Wi-Fi capabilities, A/V capabilities, and other must-have technical requirements.

3. The Venue’s Location

Consider the location of the venue and its accessibility. Is it accessible by public transport? Is it accessible by car? Does it have nearby parking? Will it be accessible for attendees who are physically challenged or elderly?

4. The Venue’s Capacity

You should also consider the maximum capacity of the venue. If you are hosting a large event, can they provide the same level of service that you would expect at your smaller event?

5. The Venue’s Events Management Team

You also need to consider the venue’s events management team. Is its service department willing to work with you to ensure that your event is hosted in the best way possible? Will its events management team support you to ensure that the event runs smoothly in the best way possible?

6. The Venue’s Offered Staffing Services

Be sure to consider the venue’s staffing services. Does it provide an events management team that can assist you in the event’s planning and execution? Does the venue provide catering services? Does it provide AV services? Does it also provide security services?

7. The Venue’s Accessibility

Lastly, you need to consider the venue’s accessibility. Will it be accessible for attendees who are wheelchair-bound? Does it have a good elevator system, and does it have good restrooms for attendees?

8. The Cancellation Policy

Lastly, consider what the venue’s cancellation policy is. Are they flexible? Are they strict? Always look at the fine print to ensure that you are fully aware of the cancellation policy and what you are getting into.


The venue you choose for your event matters. It can make or break the success of the event. It can affect the business relationship you have with your attendees, affect your attendees’ brand perceptions, and even affect the careers of your attendees. Your event venue should help shape your event, but not to the point that it drowns out the event itself.

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