When it comes to hosting a conference or corporate event, there are a few key things you’ll need to keep in mind. First and foremost, you’ll need to ensure a clear purpose and goal for your event. Once you know what you’re trying to achieve, you can start to plan and organise your event accordingly. A corporate event’s planning may appear simple at first glance. You must, however, make plans for things like catering, transportation, and venues for hire in Brisbane.

This blog article discusses the fundamentals of creating memorable corporate event experiences and offers guidance on how to do it.


Planning a guest list for any event is challenging, and changes are frequently required. Think about the people or groups that are most important to you. If removing someone from the guest list could cause problems, consider how you could spend less money in other areas to increase the guest list.

Your event promotion is also crucial to having enough attendees. If you don’t want to make event promotional mistakes, check out our other blog article on not forgetting 5 things not to forget when promoting an event.


It’s important to participate! Since our visitors can access communication at their fingertips, we go above and above to engage with them. A successful event must have a jam-packed schedule with live speakers and video booths.

Additional Assistance

Would you prefer live entertainment between classes or careful hosting at the event location? Consider employing a floor chef to prepare food for your guests or a mixologist to make beverages for them. 

An experienced event planner will always use uniformed staff to distinguish your gathering and give you more time to concentrate on the agenda.

Help in Solving Issues

As an event designer, you surely have a lot on your plate already. Aside from that, given your talent for organising important meetings, team outings, and family weddings, tasks related to business occasions may surprise you and conflict with your professional obligations.

Having a professional team on board may help you reduce stress and ensure your event achieves its objectives while staying within budget, regardless of how big or small.


The size, topic, and any money available for the event will affect how much food you’ll need. At business day meetings, high-quality canapés and beverages frequently go over better than a sit-down, three-course meal, which is better suited for a nighttime party. It is generally advised to concentrate on quality. 

Naturally, the number of attendees you must invite and the event’s purpose will significantly impact this. Make sure attendees know the menu in advance, whatever choice you choose. Most guests wouldn’t be happy if they were promised snacks or dinner but weren’t given them, and that is not how you want them to feel!


Most corporate hospitality venues provide a variety of choices to meet your needs. While mixing different visitor groups at larger tables is generally a good idea, there are instances when a more intimate environment could require smaller tables. 

When planning a business meeting, think about how the space should be organised; it might be in a boardroom, theatre-style, or perhaps around small tables to encourage group conversations. Seating options can be discussed with you by the venue hosting your event.

Make sure to look for a community and conference centre in Brisbane to host your next conference with various meeting rooms and spaces to suit your requirements.

Other factors to consider are the parking place, whether public transportation is nearby, and if the venue is only a few minutes away from the Brisbane CBD.


A few key things to remember when planning a conference or corporate event are choosing the right conference venue in Brisbane, creating a detailed schedule, and planning for contingencies. By following the above simple tips, you can set up your corporate event for success.

The Unidus Community & Conference Centre is on Brisbane’s southside, a contemporary and adaptable multi-purpose event space. We operate community programs all year round in addition to hosting a range of events. Enquire with us today if you need a conference venue in Brisbane!